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Why CPS&S/Kallfass?

Innovations Setting Standards

CPS&S/Kallfass leads in contemporary innovations and we are continually developing our products and services.  In 2001, we came out with the first 100% servo-controlled high speed wrapper.  Within the same year, we also managed to completely eliminate the pneumatic components from all of our side sealers.  By 2006, we had introduced our “hybrid” servo-controlled side sealer: Universa 500 Servo.  This product is the only servo-controlled machine on the market with random infeed capability and high speed operation.

The uptime level of our machines stands at more than 98.5 %, even with multi-shift operation. We only use high quality parts from suppliers with respected reputations.  Our quality management system, certified according to EN/ISO 9001, ensures that we are providing top of the line machinery and service.

Infeed Technology 

"Simple Feed" infeed has no need to use expensive timing infeeds or gating units to control product spacing. With "No Programming Demands" in the field, standard machines can easily integrate with all infeed converyors. 

All continuos motion Universa models use 100% Servo Motion control which includes; all product control related drives, machine trasport belts, side seal, as well as, cross seal

Kallfass Advantages:

  • Leading 'Motion Control' Technology in the Industry.
  • Standard Machines with No Programming Demands in the field.
  • Top level Performance with light gauge films, as well as, PE films.
  • No compressed Air requirements. 
  • No Product...No Bag.
  • Machines can be integrated randomly with all infeeds.
  • Never any uneven spacing issues.
  • 10-15% Film Savings on average.
  • Side Seal System runs all films equally without changeover.
  • Windows Based Software is easy to understand.
  • Energy Regeneration with every cycle.
  • Capable of running PLA film.
  • Local parts availability in ALL markets. 
About Us