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  • What happens if I have technical issues with my machine?

    CPS&S Inc. has technicians on the road and in house to help you with everything from phone support to service calls to make sure your issues get resolved in little to no time. 

  • What gauge films can a Kallfass machine run?

    Kallfass machines can run virtually with any gauge film, the gauge will depend on the type of product that is being wrapped. 

  • Why choose CPS&S/Kallfass over other companies?

    CPS&S and Kallfass offer only the highest quality machines that will outperform most to all of our competitors both in speed and quality of the packaging. 

  • Is it hard to operate a film packaging machine?

    With the new graphic interface on our 'Easy Touch'-panel, operating a film packaging machines has never been easier, it is so simple that you will achieve your perfect packaging results in little to no time! 

  • How do I go green with shrink wrap packaging?

    We offer machines like our Continuous-Motion Servo Packer 500 which is very well suited for processing biodegradable shrink films (e.g. PLA) of renewable resources.

  • Do you offer same day shipping on machine parts?

    Yes, we offer same day shipping as long as you get your order in before 3 p.m 

  • How fast does a Intermittent Side Sealer run?

    These machines have film packaging up to a speed of approx. 85 cycles/min.

  • How fast does a Continuous-Motion Side Sealer run?

    These machines can package film up to a speed of approx. 170 cycles/min.