New Kallfass HMI

Complete Packaging Solutions & Systems Inc. is now offering our now ‘Easy Touch’-panel with a 7″ widescreen. Operating a shrink wrap machine has never been easier with our new touch panel. All of our machines are now new-user optimized and even the inexperienced can now operate our machines.

The layout of all the buttons have been redesigned and the navigation has been simplified. We did this to make everything easier for our users so that there is less complication with operating the touch-panel. This allows our users to get their machines up and running in less time and figure problems out faster.

Once you have familiarized yourself with our new Easy Touch-panel you will be ready and prepared to operate any and all Kallfass machines. This is due to us equipping all of our shrink wrap machines with this new panel so that our users can operate different machine models with ease.

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