New 2017/2018 PM Contracts

Don’t forget to set up your 2017 and 2018 Preventative Maintenance contract.  Between the emergency telephone assistance and on-site services, our highly skilled technicians will ensure that your machines are running smoothly. We tailor each PM contract to the unique needs and special requests of our customers.

There are several benefits to joining our PM program.  Most importantly, you will receive regular inspection and testing of any Kallfass equipment, but taking preventative maintenance efforts can also keep your machinery up-to-date and running like new.  Our trained technicians will work diligently to fine-tune your equipment and provide specialized training for the operators. PM contracts allow access to preferential treatment and reduced response time, which means less down time and lower maintenance costs.

Joining our PM program will also provide significant cost savings. These savings include a 20% reduced labor cost for our technicians as well as a 20% reduced cost on spare parts.

*Available in the US and Canada

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