New High-Speed Side Sealer: Universa 500 Servo C

The UNIVERSA 500 SERVO C high-speed side sealer, with servo motors, has a very compact design and offers perfect packaging results for the highest demands. A variety of products such as magazines, chocolate boxes, multimedia, industrial products and other high-quality materials are wrapped in shrink film. Universa 500 Servo C, the first choice for high-performance film packaging.

Your Benefits Highlighted:

  • High-speed packing performance
  • Accurately dimensioned square bags due to distortion-free film transport
  • Perfect packaging results for highest requirements
  • High impact retail packaging for branches: Print and paper, sweets and confectionery, multimedia and technical products. Also for stacked products
  • Traveling cross seal unit
  • Easy line integration
  • Randomly spaced products of different lengths can be wrapped
  • Almost effortless product changeover with only a few adjustments
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