Kallfass Continuous-Motion Side Sealer Machines are fully automatic and perfect for companies who need a high quantity of products wrapped in a short amount of time. These machines provide high quality retail packaging for products such as chocolates, software boxes, CD’s, books, DVDs, magazines, and other high quality retail products. Using modern Servo motion control, film savings of up to 20% are common over non-servo controlled machines. One huge benefit of these machines is, that they can be easily integrated into existing production lines and can wrap products with different dimensions and random spacing. Kallfass Continuous-Motion Side Sealers offer ultimate performance at an affordable price.


  • Packed in geometrically exact film bag
  • High performance due to continuous packaging without STOP and GO
  • Chaotic supply products of different lengths is possible
  • Easy handling and maintenance-free to a large extend
  • No components such as sealing wires, pneumatics, cams, clutches, motor brakes or temperature controllers are used, reducing cost and downtime by approx. 70%.
  • No downtime with the Emergency Heating feature. In case of thermo couple break, the heating emergency operation can be used to continue production.
  • No PLC used. Windows based operating software. Product change over is done in seconds.
  • There are no more contactors or brakes on the seal bar motor. This eliminates the wear and tear compared to non-servo models.
  • No compressed air components.