Kallfass Intermittent Side Sealer Machines are all fully automatic and can be used in a wide variety of applications. For companies who don’t have an extremely high output rate, but want a machine that can produce high quality shrink packaging at a satisfactory rate, these machines are the perfect choice. These machines are extremely flexible and can be customized to run a wide range of products varying in sizes and shapes. With the solid construction and heavy duty steel frames, these machines will run quietly and be vibration free, allowing a more pleasurable work environment. Excellent economic performance has a name – UNIVERSA. Using modern motion control, Kallfass machines average 30% lower operating costs than competitive models.


  • Perfect shrink results due to targeted heat transfer to the package contents
  • Excellent insulation and compact design ensure fast heat-up times, allowing the system to quickly get ready for operation
  • Easy adjustment of the basic parameters of temperature, airflow and packaged goods speed using continuous controllers
  • Intelligent technology ensures optimum use of energy
  • Encoder controls deliver 100% accurate product and bag length control. No timers or counters are used. Product change over is done in seconds.